Six Feet Under…

Billie Eilish Lyrics “Six Feet Under” “Six Feet Under” Help, I lost myself againBut I remember youDon’t come back, it won’t end wellBut I wish you’d tell me too Our love is six feet underI can’t help but wonderIf our grave was watered by the rainWould roses bloom?Could roses bloomAgain? Retrace my lipsErase your touchIt’sContinue reading “Six Feet Under…”

Getting My Act Together

The past three months have been anything but easy. I had settled in to teach for the rest of the school year when the pandemic hit and along with that, having to learn how to teach remotely on the fly. I was fortunate to have two co-teachers that excelled at this monumental undertaking and thatContinue reading “Getting My Act Together”

Been a While…

Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve done any blog entries. And so on this early rainy Friday morning, I thought I’d put some of thoughts down to share. Certainly a crazy world we’re living in here of late. Not only are we in the midst of a pandemic, but it’s also become aContinue reading “Been a While…”

Wrapped Around Your Finger

Wrapped Around Your Finger The Police You consider me the young apprenticeCaught between the Scylla and CharibdesHypnotized by you if I should lingerStaring at the ring around your fingerI have only come here seeking knowledgeThings they would not teach me of in collegeI can see the destiny you sold turned into a shining band ofContinue reading “Wrapped Around Your Finger”

Everything I Wanted…

Everything I Wanted Billie Eilish I had a dreamI got everything I wantedNot what you’d thinkAnd if I’m being honestIt might’ve been a nightmareTo anyone who might careThought I could fly (fly)So I stepped off the Golden, mmNobody cried (cried, cried, cried, cried)Nobody even noticedI saw them standing right thereKinda thought they might care (mightContinue reading “Everything I Wanted…”