Quotes of the Day for Friday, March 20th

 “It’s impossible to begin to learn that which you think you already know,” Epictetus said “Only an idiot turns up their nose at how other people do things. Sure, nine times out of ten, you’re right and they’re wrong. But that one time? That’s the game changer.” Ben Franklin in Poor Richard’s Almanack

Daily Readings for Friday, March 20th

Meditation for the Day Functioning on a material plane alone takes me away from God. I must also try to function on a spiritual plane. Functioning on a spiritual plane as well as on a material plane will make life what it should be. All material activities are valueless in themselves alone. But all activities,Continue reading “Daily Readings for Friday, March 20th”

Daily Readings for Thursday, March 19th

Meditation for the Day God’s spirit is all about you all day long. You have no thoughts, no plans, no impulses and no emotions that He does not know about. You can hide nothing from Him. Do not make your conduct conform only to that of the world and do not depend on the approvalContinue reading “Daily Readings for Thursday, March 19th”

Daily Card Reading for Wednesday, March 18th

DOG SPIRIT Be loyal to what you love Protection Message: Loyalty to people and situations can turn into attachment that results in stagnation, enmeshment, and loss of integrity. Do you fear what will happen if you let a relationship evolve? Are you afraid that asking for a situation to change will make others see you asContinue reading “Daily Card Reading for Wednesday, March 18th”

Daily Readings for Wednesday, March 18th

Meditation for the Day Persistence is necessary if you are to advance in spiritual things. By persistent prayer, persistent, firm, and simple trust, you achieve the treasures of the spirit. By persistent practice, you can eventually obtain joy, peace, assurance, security, health, happiness, and serenity. Nothing is too great, in the spiritual realm, for youContinue reading “Daily Readings for Wednesday, March 18th”

Daily Readings for Tuesday, March 17th

Meditation for the Day Withdraw into the calm of communion with God. Rest in that calm and peace. When the soul finds its home of rest in God, then it is that real life begins. Only when you are calm and serene can you do good work. Emotional upsets make you useless. The eternal lifeContinue reading “Daily Readings for Tuesday, March 17th”

Daily Card Reading for Monday, March 16th

TAMING THE WINDS 55 THE ESSENCE:Here the feather, a symbol that is used in clearing ceremonies, for smudging, reminds you of the sacred commitment you make to your life. This is the symbol of consciously bringing the spiritual into the material, infusing the world with reverence and an acknowledgment of the higher planes of existenceContinue reading “Daily Card Reading for Monday, March 16th”

Daily Readings for Monday, March 16th

Meditation for the Day I must have a singleness of purpose to do my part in God’s work. I must not let material distractions interfere with my job of improving personal relation ships. It is easy to become distracted by material affairs, so that I lose my singleness of purpose. I do not have timeContinue reading “Daily Readings for Monday, March 16th”